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I adopt a collaborative approach so that I feel like a member of your team from the offset


About Bubo Studio

Initially starting my career in design and front-end web development, over the past 10 years, I have continued to expand my knowledge, skills and experience – working towards becoming top of my game.


As I progressed from one company to another, I naturally absorbed everything I could about the businesses I worked with and, in no time at all, I had become competent in my trade, providing everything from design and web development right through to digital marketing and product management. I enjoyed this multifaceted role and it allowed me to excel in my career and realise my full potential.


The all-encompassing skills and experiences I have gained throughout my career have also allowed me to open my very own design studio, Bubo Studio. This has been life changing for me, allowing me to create a brand that I’m truly proud of.


Bubo Studio has given me the opportunity to work with clients from a variety of different backgrounds and industries, including the second biggest online childcare site in the UK and an online betting company based throughout East Africa. The vast majority of the clients I have worked with are start-up companies, as this is where I feel my skills and knowledge are utilised best. I am open to, and actively looking for, future challenges in this arena.

Leo Stephanou | Founder of Bubo Studio

I approach every project with a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind, to ensure I’m able to effectively communicate your brand and vision, through creative and functional solutions. From the moment you get in touch, I will take the time to get to know your business inside out, getting to the very heart of your brief. I work hard to fully connect with your brand, getting under the skin of what makes your brand tick, while using my creative vision to bring it to life. Adopting a straight-talking attitude, I aim to deliver a seamless service that meets all of my clients’ bespoke requirements.


Every brand should be portrayed in the best possible light and I make it my business to achieve the very best results for your project. I achieve this by adopting a define, design and refine approach that allows me to oversee the development of a project from start to finish. I assume a collaborative approach so that I feel like a member of your team from the offset. This allows me to consult with you throughout each stage of the project in order to ensure that we stay on track to achieve the very best results.


No matter the scope and scale of your project, you can rest assured that I will always go above and beyond to deliver in line with your exact requirements. This allows me to deliver creative and functional solutions that will allow you to achieve your business goals. All of my client relationships are built on trust, integrity and shared values, and I strive to always be clear and professional when I work with you. This is a core area of my business that I absolutely refuse to compromise on.


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